Swift Heroes 2024

Swift Heroes is the annual Swift conference hosted in Turin, Italy, and broadcast live around the world. The event features international speakers and sponsors, and welcomes participants from all over Europe, and connected online from all over the globe. 

The speakers at Swift Heroes are a critical part in building a high energy event and encouraging discussions in the most important and interesting areas of Swift. Please submit a paper if you have a new, exciting point of view or experience to share, if you want to actively collaborate on best practices, and if you're a fun personality that should be in front of the awesome Swift Heroes audience. 

Please share information about Swift Heroes Call for Papers with your network - we want to reach deep within the community and build a diverse agenda that benefits all Swift developers. 

Selection process

Proposals will be filtered and shortlisted by the Swift Heroes Committee. Help the Committee!

- Provide links to videos and slides of your past talks so that they can take your experience into account.

- Provide them with blog posts or papers on the importance of your topic, how it's being tackled, what the opportunities are and more, so that they can thoroughly assess your application.

Call for Papers deadline: 4 February 2024

Speakers selected by the Swift Heroes 2024 committee will receive:

  • A ticket to take part in the conference,18-19 April 2024 
  • Invitation to the Speakers Dinner (17 April 2024)
  • Two nights accommodation in a 4 star, downtown hotel (well connected for both the speakers dinner and the conference). 
    ***Alternatively, companies or organisations that cover the cost of their speakers' hotel expenses will receive Supporting Sponsorship status at Swift Heroes 2024. 

For more information see our Why become a speaker page.

Important notes

Please note, all presentations are live, in person, in Turin Italy. No remote speeches are allowed. (Funding is available to assist with travel.)

Original talks (not previously presented at other conferences) will be given priority.

By submitting a proposal you accept our Privacy Policy

Please note, the conference language is English.

Proposals can be modified by you, the owner, at any time — although kindly let the organisers know any time you do modify your session(s) or data after the Call for Papers has ended.

Your abstract

  • Make sure it clearly and concisely communicates your idea (~1000 characters if possible).
  • Make sure your abstract makes the value your talk obvious for the Committee and for the audience; be relevant to the audience of Swift developers.
  • Describe who specifically your talk is addressing.
  • Define an approx. length of your presentation
  • Tell us how innovative your topic is — what is new and exciting!
  • Outline what the audience will learn and takeaway from your presentation.
  • Original talks (not previously presented at any other conferences) will be given priority, please let us know if this is a new talk.

We are looking for:

  • Developers
  • Companies developing software
  • Research institutions with Swift relevant activities
  • Network operators and service providers
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • Companies, organisations and individuals utilising Swift in new areas
  • Companies utilising Swift in the services and products they sell

We want to hear about:

  • Development
  • What's new in Swift
  • Testing
  • Frameworks
  • SwiftUI
  • Architecture
  • Best practices
  • Design UX/UI
  • Catalyst
  • Combine
  • Functional Programming
  • Algorithms
  • AI/ML
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Cross/Multi-platform development
  • IoT
  • Gaming
  • Soft skill
  • App distribution
  • Tools
  • Infrastructure, CI/CD
  • Firebase
  • Accessibility
  • Cache
  • Bluetooth
  • Modularization
  • DevOps
  • Case studies / research
  • Open source
  • Career & levelling up & skill focused talks
  • SDK

About Swift Heroes 2024

18-19 April 2024

In person and online

Museo dell'Automobile in Turin, Italy.

Full event information on the website.

We look forward to your application.


+39 011 043 7401